Sunday, January 13, 2013


I don't know how to start this post...
other then this is one night that me and my daughter will be able to look back for the rest of our lives and remember it as a dream come true...

First of all we are such big Justin Bieber fans and have been for a very long time... from the time that his first single,"One Time" hit like crazy and had so many girls already loving him, to the time that his amazing concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never came out, which yes I cried in some of the parts... such a great film that really showed the true him and all the amazing people that are part of his life, like his mom Pattie that raised him to be such a great young men, to his manager Scooter Braun that keeps him humble and on his toes at all times. To having my son write him a letter telling him how much he inspires him and inviting him to skateboard or go play hockey next time he came to Utah. To the time that this he was just a little boy to a young men. To the time that one of my favorite Christmas songs Under the Mistletoe came out..and so much more that I could go on for a very long time. The point is that we love him!!!

So when I found out that he was coming to Utah for his "BELIEVE TOUR" me and Annita were so ready to go and buy tickets. one problem... as soon as the tickets were ready for sale they were already all SOLD OUT. But I promised Annita we were going to go no matter what. So for the months to come I looked and looked and had no luck finding descent price tickets to his concert and was really hoping that someone would sell tickets for the actual price that they had been on sale for. I was willing to even pay $100 for each ticket by this time.

It was a 2 weeks away from the concert and the prizes kept going higher and higher but there was a hope in my mind that I could still find good tickets but not have to over pay. This next 2 weeks were just crazy weeks, we had tried everything that you could think of to try to win tickets through Radio Disney and other radio stations to dressing my sweet brother in law as a "DRAG QUEEN" to try to win tickets to go to the SOLD OUT concert and get to meet him backstage... yes I said "DRAG QUEEN". I was very desperate by this time I had promised my daughter I would take her.

But we had no luck at all our attempts we had made... No matter what we were still going to go that day even if we didn't have tickets by that time. I was hoping that they would open some extra seats that same day at the Arena. Which at times they do...

So we arrived there pretty early with some friends that we rode up with, the girls had made huge posters for Justin Bieber. We stood by the gate for about an hour or 2 in hopes that Justin would see their posters when his bus would arrive. Our little girls were the youngest ones in that group full of teenagers and moms. They were excited to see the big Tour buses arrive and just seeing my sweet Annita's face, how excited she was of hopes of seeing him made me more determined of taking her to his concert.

So I went to stand in line at the tickets Sales office while she stayed outside with the other girls and my friend. I stood in line for about 2 hours on and off. It was pretty much Luck if anything came up and of course the Scalpers were in line too. They kept getting lucky and getting any of the tickets that were available pretty much. It was very sad to see their work. They would buy a $70 dollar ticket and post it on their website for $300 or $500 dollars each. I felt bad for them and sad for all this parents that were in line in hopes of getting lucky and going to tell their kids that they got tickets. The arena people said, no more tickets would be available... how was I going to tell Annita the bad news? But of course I wasn't going to stop there, there was still hope of winning the best poster through one of the radio stations. So me and Annita went back into sales office for a little bit longer hoping that maybe they did open some more seats... she was sad about the concert, getting tired and hungry. Then one of the Scalper Ladies looks at me and says. "You know I have a pair of tickets available, only $500 each" In my mind I'm thinking I'm about to seriously punch her in the face... but my answer was... "I'll pass". 

It was 4:30 o'clock and we met up with our friends to go eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and enjoy a delicious warm dinner... It was 5:10 and the food had not been served yet. The radio station Poster concert was at 5:30. But I wasn't going to have my little 6 year old starve, so we didn't make it to the contest. It's Ok.. I told myself. The food came and It was a delicious dinner, one that we truly deserved after such a stressful day and after seeing so many, what can I call them "sad, sad, sad Scalpers".

We went back to the Arena, my friends went in line to enter the concert, me and Annita went downstairs to the Ticket Sales Office. We were the 4th people in line and of course in front of the line the Scalpers...yep my best friends. They had said that maybe after the concert started they would sell some tickets. So we stood in line until 8:10, the concert had already started at 7:00 pm. My little Annita was amazing and so patient. Thankfully there was 2 moms with 2 little girls that were waiting line next to me in hopes of getting tickets too. Before we went to dinner me and Annita had talked about what if didn't get tickets? we planned on going to a movie instead and taking her to buy some Justin Bieber things.  But that we would try this last one thing and we did it. We stood there until the end until they told us that there was only a few more tickets available but that a security guard would have to walk them inside the concert after buying the tickets. That's just what happened the Scalpers that were in line got tickets and maybe one other lucky family and that was it for us. So the Scalpers got to go watch Justin Bieber.

The was our last attempt, we were so sad. Maybe I was more then she was... She looked at me and said "it's ok Mommy, let's just go to a movie" we started walking towards the gates where we had been earlier with our big signs. I started to pray to God, saying how sorry I was to have made her hopes so high and that I would never do that to her again.... how lucky I was to have such a beautiful understanding little girl like her. As we got closer to the gates, we saw 2 teenage girls that we had met earlier that day. They were sweetest girls ever, when they saw us they were so sad for us because they knew how bad Annita wanted to see him. But Annita said "it's okay we are going to a movie instead". I always learn from my kids that even the smallest things will make them happy. 

We were there talking to this girls, I only remember one of their names. She was such a cutie, Valerie. We were there for about 5 minutes and I was about to call my husband to have him come pick us up, when all the sudden a jeep was getting ready to leave. Now remember the concert had started already so it's not like we thought anyone else was going to be coming in or leaving anytime soon. When all the sudden I look over at this guy in the jeep, he was wearing a beanie and was wearing very casual clothes... I thought for a minute in my mind "That's Scooter (Justin Biebers Manager") nahhh..." but then I told the girls anyways "I think that might be Scooter" anyways. He stopped and looked back at us and rolled down his passenger window. I was in 'Shock' at this time in disbelief, because it really was Scooter Braun. He has been such inspiration to me and I couldn't belief that he was right in front of us, that he had stopped his car to talk to us.

It happened so quick... he wanted to thank us for been such amazing fans for willing to stand out in the cold, for all the support we give to Justin Bieber and so much more. Then one of the teenage girls starts telling him a little of Annita and if there was anyway that he could at least get her tickets to go see Justin Bieber... Ok, remember I'm still in 'Shock' not really saying that much. "Then he says, let me see what I can do. I'll call Allison and see if she can find you guys some tickets" we said thank, thank thank you. Then it was a happy moment with lots of tears...yes I was crying, we were hugging each other with so much joy that we were actually going to the concert to see Justin Bieber. Then to our suprise it was Kenny Hamilton (Justin's personal bodyguard)that came to give the tickets. Now more crying happened at this time, lots of crying...and lots of hugs and thank you's for Kenny. Annita was so excited that she was able to meet Scooter and now Kenny and very soon see Justin performing.

We thought that this night couldn't get any better then this... but to our Surprise it did, we got VIP Tickets, F1, Row 5 to be exact. The best part was that Justin Bieber had not even gone on stage yet. The best night ever... I couldn't believe that we had been so lucky to have met such an amazing, caring and definitely giving person like Scooter Braun and of course met Kenny Hamilton

Annita was so so fascinated with all the beautiful dancers, the outstanding fireworks and special effects, but mostly was in love with Justin from the moment he came out. There was a moment in the concert that he said to the audience "I said, I love you too" Annita got so happy and was definitely in Dream Land.

All I know is that Dreams really do come true if you just . Amazing things can happen when you least expect it, That there is angels out in this world that really make a difference, So thank you Scooter for making a 6 year old girl the happiest girl in the world and making her mommy not feel like she failed at a promise she made her. I could never say thank you enough, for this once in a lifetime experience. 

and of course here is a little video that I put together of our amazing experience... hope you enjoy.