I am a proud mommy to a very handsome, athletic super smart little dude and to a very sassy, pop star princess. 
Wife to the most extraordinary husband & best friend that a girl could ever ask for. I love him and he loves me... 
more and more each day!!! 

Lover of all things, I love listening to music from morning to night... really loud!!! it drives my honey crazy but he still loves me.

I am 100% Latin to be exact I was born in Lima, Peru but Leaved in Ecuador for most of my childhood life and moved to the states with my family when I was 8 years old.

Since a very young age I've love anything that had to do with Arts and Crafts, Painting, Drawing, Sewing, Photography, Music and my biggest loves of all was Fashion and Beauty. I love my parents for that!!!

I am still trying to figure things out in life...like; what I am going to do when I go back to college, and so much more...

But until then I have just what I need and I feel very blessed to have a beautiful little family that make me see the true beauty of love and make me want to be a better me each day that goes on.

I love all Comments, Questions and E-mails
They are my absolute favorites! 

aniallendreams {at} gmail {dot} com 

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